Investor FAQs

When was the company founded?

The Company was incorporated in Colorado on September 10, 1984. On June 3, 1996 Derma Sciences changed its state of domicile to Pennsylvania. On September 14, 2012 Derma Sciences changed its state of domicile to Delaware.

How many employees does Derma Sciences have?

The company currently has approximately 300 full-time employees.

Where are the Company's manufacturing facilities located?

The Company maintains manufacturing facilities in Toronto, Canada (55,000 sq. ft.) and Nantong, China (10,000 sq. ft.).

When did the company go public?

The Company conducted its initial public offering of 22,500 shares of common stock on May 13, 1994 (adj. for intervening stock splits).

Where is Derma Sciences’ stock traded?

The stock is listed on the NASDAQ Capital Markets under the symbol DSCI.

How can I obtain copies of Derma Sciences Inc.’s financial reports, or request an investor kit or annual report?

Financial reports are available in the “SEC Filings” page of the “Investor Relations” section of the company’s website. An online investor kit is available in the “Online Investor Kit” section.

Where can I find Derma Sciences, Inc.’s latest investor presentation?

The company’s most recent investor presentation is available on the “Investor Relations” section on the company’s website. It can also be accessed at the “Calendar & Presentations” page of the “Investor Relations” section on the company’s website.

When will Derma Sciences, Inc. next report financial results?

The Company expects to report financial results for 2016 on the following dates:

Q1 May 12, 2016
Q2 August 16, 2016
Q3 November 15, 2016

When is Derma Sciences, Inc.’s fiscal year end?

The fiscal year ends on December 31.

When is the next annual shareholders' meeting?

The meeting is expected to be held in May 2016.

What percentage of common stock is held by insiders?

Directors, executive officers and 5% shareholders currently own approximately 39% of our common stock.

How many shares are outstanding?

At September 30, 2015 the Company had 25,806,549 common shares outstanding and 5,025,435 potentially dilutive shares

Has Derma Sciences, Inc. ever had a stock split?

Derma Sciences had a 1 for 5 reverse stock split in 1999 and a 1 for 8 reverse stock split in 2010.

What financial analysts cover Derma Sciences, Inc.?

Please refer to the “Analyst Coverage” segment of the “Investor Relations” section.

Does Derma Sciences, Inc. pay dividends on its common stock?

Derma Sciences, Inc. has never declared or paid cash dividends. The company intends to retain any future earnings for the operation and expansion of its business and does not anticipate paying any cash dividends in the foreseeable future.

Who are Derma Sciences, Inc.’s independent auditors?

1601 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Who do I contact to request information on my account or change my account information?

Questions regarding stock holdings, certificate replacement/transfer and address changes should be directed to our Transfer Agent:

Broadridge Corporate Issuer Solutions, Inc.

1717 Arch Street
Suite 1300
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone: 877-830-4936
Fax: 215-553-5402

Who is Derma Sciences, Inc.’s outside corporate counsel?

Thompson Hine LLP
335 Madison Avenue
New York, New York
Phone: 212-344-5680
Fax: 212-344-6101

How do I contact Derma Sciences, Inc.’s Investor Relations?

Please call LHA at 212-838-3777 and ask for Kim Sutton Golodetz or email her at Information requests can be made online via the information request form or e-mail:

Where are Derma Sciences, Inc.’s headquarters?

Derma Sciences, Inc.
214 Carnegie Center, Suite 300
Princeton, NJ 08540
Phone: 609-514-4744
Fax: 609-514-8554